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Why do you or anyone you know believe “failure” is an option? It’s been said, that;

Some people make things happen

Some people watch what happened

Some people wonder what happened.

I’ve spent most of my life watching what happened while thinking how it would be nice to achieve something like… whatever I saw that I thought was great at the time. Meanwhile, my business partner is the complete opposite. He can’t imagine not achieving anything! I’ve often asked him “what inspires you to get up in the morning and drive yourself, the way you do,” (knowing that most of his herculean projects could take time to complete while dealing with countless roadblocks he encounters). He knows that his family is the most important thing in his life, so deadlines are missed and yet, he continues to persevere! I sometimes, “carefully” mention things like… “Well, maybe this blah blah blah project isn’t possible,” as he stares with fire blazing from his eyes as if to say “BLASPHEMY!”


No, really, do you know? Because I’m still trying to figure this out. I do know this: If he believes this hard, then gosh darn it, you and I CAN, TOO. However, we MUST LAUGH HARD, while doing it!

That, my friends, is why this site was born, and that is why our banner has Bigfoot, a leprechaun, an alien, a unicorn, and yes - Santa Clause, playing poker. Think they don’t exist, Says who? If I told you I saw Bigfoot at a tag sale last week - who’s to say it’s untrue? BELIEVE HARD, because let me tell you, folks, miracles DO happen, and anything really IS possible…, especially those Bigfoot sightings! (I should know, there have been sightings in this very office!)

So now your mission, if you should decide to accept it, is to laugh hard while believing hard in the great possibilities hiding within you. Wear your greatness with pride! If you know you’re the best mom ever! then Mic Drop Mom says it all. If you’re a Wonder-Mom, but your husband is walking around confused, we have something for both of you. If you always wanted your doctor to write you the most “astonishing health” letter ever, but it just wasn’t good enough… well uh… just write it yourself. It’s highly possible, it’s been done! Believe hard I said!

B-E L-I-E-V-E H-A-R-D!

In closing, we thank you for dropping by! Go forth my friends, laugh, and believe hard in YOU. Achieve whatever it is in you, to achieve!
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